Roofing Services

That Go Above and Beyond

What sets Platinum Roofing apart from the other roofing companies? Many contractors specialize in only one service. If they clean roofs, they don’t install, and if they install, they don’t clean. Platinum Roofing is here for all of your needs, from the initial construction to periodic maintenance and even regular cleaning.

Our team is full of expert craftsmen who take pride in the job that they do. If it’s not something that we would put on our own home, we won’t put it on yours. This extends to our selection of materials and the quality of our services.

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At Platinum Roofing, we maintain a commitment to our customers by providing the best quality roofing materials and expert workmanship for all of our services. Our Certified Installers demonstrate honesty and integrity from start to finish. All of our roofers are manufacturer trained and certified to ensure we continue to meet our standards on every project. Our mission is to advise homeowners on their upcoming projects and advise them about their roofing investment. While other roofing companies are marketers first and contractors second, Platinum Roofing promises a no-pressure, sales pitch-free conversation.

More Than Just A Roofing Company

Our services extend beyond roof replacements. We are a team of full-service roofing contractors, providing roof repair, installation, and cleaning in Vancouver, Portland, and the surrounding areas. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can extend the life of your roof. A damaged roof can lead to much bigger problems and compromise the structure of your home. We offer a wide range of services to help save you money and provide a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs.

1. Schedule A Free Roof Estimate

Scheduling your free estimate is as simple as a phone call. We will discuss the issues you’re having and talk about your goals and needs. We understand that you are busy and that problems with your roof rarely happen at a convenient time. We will schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. Call us today!

2. Roofing Inspections & Written Proposal

Unlike other companies, we will inspect your roof in-person to ensure that we have a full scope of the work involved. From experience, we know that a contractor must understand every aspect of roofing to identify current and future potential problems. After the inspection, we will prepare a written proposal (Same Day) that includes all options and submit it to you for approval.

3. Schedule Your Project

Once you have decided on materials and colors, we will work with you to arrange the project around your schedule. We strive to make the experience one you will brag about to family and friends. Our goal is to install, repair, or clean your roof quickly so that you can get back to your daily routine and leave the stress of roofing problems behind you.

4. Project Commencement & Completion

Shortly before we begin your project, we will gather and deliver all of the materials to your location. We will inventory all the materials to ensure that we have everything we need to complete your project as quickly as possible. Occasionally, the weather will factor into our scheduling, but once we begin, we will complete your project before moving on to the next.

Commitment to Quality

We are a family-owned and operated business committed to providing the best customer service there is to offer. We take pride in the guidance and training we require in order to make our roofers and installers the most capable workers in the area. We have a positive working relationship with our suppliers and can get anything your project calls for in a timely manner. We use well-known, trusted brands of material so you can feel confident in what we’re installing on your home. These suppliers include:

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Call us today for a free consultation, or fill out our convenient contact form.

A History of Quality Roofing

Unlike some roofing companies, we offer a choice of material to our clients. Whether you want to go all-natural or use synthetic materials, we’re here to ensure you get what you need. We offer cedar shake, metal, asphalt, and more. Our roofers are equally skilled in all types of roofing, so you can be confident you’ve made the right choice. Our hundreds of satisfied customers stand as a testament to our quality of work. Our rates are competitive, and we can work with your designated budget. When it comes to replacing or repairing your roof, we know you have multiple options. Let Platinum Roofing be your one-stop-shop to meet all your home exterior needs.