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What Do I Do If a Tree Falls on My Roof?

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Trees are a great addition to any property, but they can also be dangerous if not taken care of. This is especially true during extreme weather when branches can easily break off and land on your property. If you experience the unfortunate event of having a tree fall on your house, this blog post will help guide you through what steps to take next, including scheduling services for roof and gutter repair/replacement.

How should I handle such a situation?

Falling trees are an emergency that requires quick decision-making and action to limit further damage to your property and injury to house occupants. Be sure to do the following if a tree falls on your house: 

Evacuate your home

Always have an evacuation plan in hand in case of an emergency. When a tree falls on your house, you and your family should evacuate immediately to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to carry any important documents or supplies you will need when away from your home. This is a great way to limit the risk of any injury to members of your household and make sure you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible. 

Call 911 for assistance

Remember to call 911 immediately after evacuating your home. This will ensure any first responders can reach you and provide shelter if necessary until the tree is removed or other damages cleared. In some cases, you shouldn’t try to leave a house damaged by a falling tree before authorities arrive on the scene since there may still be a risk of more trees falling. 

Call the proper authorities

Contacting the police or fire crew is a must after such an event, especially if your roof sustains damages that may cause flooding in the house. These officials can help assess all risks involved with removing the tree and make sure everything is done safely. You should also call the utility companies to have them check for any damages to the power lines or other infrastructure on your property. 

Document the damage

Once you have taken all necessary precautions and evacuated your home, it is time to document the damage. This will be extremely important when filing an insurance claim for the damages. Make sure to take pictures or videos of the fallen tree and any damages like broken windows, as it will help support your case when trying to get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance claim. 

Contact your insurance company

After taking all the necessary steps, it is time to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Be sure to have all the documentation in order, such as pictures of the damages and a police report. This will help expedite the claim for the repair costs and ensure you get back on your feet as soon as possible. 

Call your roof contractor

Remember to schedule an appointment with your local roofing contractor once the risk is neutralized and you can finally get back into your home. Chances are your roof and gutter system has sustained damages that will need immediate repairs or replacement. A reputable contractor can help get your home back to normal and ensure all damages are fixed. Furthermore, a thorough inspection will bring to light any damage to the roof that you may have missed. 

What are the risks associated with fallen trees?

A tree falling on a house can cause extensive damage, and depending on the size of the tree, it can be deadly. Aside from physical damages to your property, there are also risks when a tree falls, such as:-Injury to occupants of the home: A fallen tree can cause severe injuries if someone is inside the house when it falls on your property. Even after evacuating, there may still be a risk of injury to anyone who attempts to remove the tree.-Fire hazards: A fallen tree can easily cause a fire if it comes into contact with any power lines or other flammable objects on your property.-Structural damage: A tree that falls on your roof can cause it to cave in, which will lead to extensive water damage inside the home. It can also harm the framing of the house and affect the foundation.-Disruption of utility lines: A fallen tree can cause severe damage to utility lines such as power and gas. In some cases, you should not try to remove a damaged area from the property until first responders have checked for any risks.-Can destroy your roof and gutter system.

Will my insurance provider pay for the damage?Gutter and Roof Repair Portland OR

It depends on your specific homeowners’ insurance policy, but most likely, yes. Most homeowner’s policies will cover damages to the home and property when it comes to tree fall. However, it is crucial to carefully read through your homeowners’ insurance coverage to make sure you are fully covered in this type of emergency. If there is any doubt, contact your insurance agent, and they will be able to answer any questions about the coverage limits. 

How can I prevent trees from falling on my roof?

Aside from having regular upkeep performed on trees on your property, there are other precautions you can take to prevent this type of emergency:-Keep the area around the house clear.-Stay up to date with yard work and keep an eye out for any dead or dying limbs that may result in the tree falling.-Trim trees on your property regularly.-Ensure the trees are planted in an area where they will not interfere with utility lines or other structures on your property.-Cut down old trees that may be a risk for falling on your property. -Ensure you regularly maintain and inspect your roof and gutter systems.

Need Professional Help!

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