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    Roof Cleaning

    You may love to experience the four seasons each year in the Pacific Northwest, but your roof does not. Rain, fog, ice, and even shade from large trees can create a perfect environment for moss and fungi to grow. Moss, mildew, algae, and lichen grow into your shingles and wear away the material. They can even lift shingles. This creates space for water to accumulate and enter your home. Many people ask, “How often should I consider roof cleaning services?” Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Platinum Roofing can inspect your home and help determine a proper cleaning schedule for your home.

    Factors that Affect Your Roof’s Condition

    There are two major causes of dirty and moss-covered roofs:

    • Excessive moisture that promotes moss, fungi, and bacteria growth
    • Structural damage that allows water to seep under your shingles or tiles where the sun can’t reach.

    Heavy rainfall, excessive shade, and falling leaves or other debris all contribute to such conditions. Moss can hold in moisture and divert water, which makes your roof deck susceptible to wood rot and leaks. It tends to grow in the slots between shingles, which is the last place water evaporates from a roof. Moss growth on your roof is easy to spot. But the signs of wood rot are not always obvious to the average homeowner. Wood rot not only shortens the life of your roof, but it can also cause mold growth, which can be hazardous to homeowners and their pets.

    Do you have guests in your attic or on your roof? Unwanted critters can cause more damage when the wood begins to rot. Animals, such as squirrels, have been known to cause roof and attic damage by chewing through areas of the roof and supporting wood systems. Rotted wood makes it easier for these creatures to bore through.

    Getting Professionals to Do Your Roof Cleaning

    Roof experts will recommend that you don’t climb up on the roof yourself. We’ve seen too many serious injuries to people who were being cautious but simply didn’t have the expertise to navigate the roof safely. Moss, fungi, and moisture make your roof slippery, so we suggest that you leave it to a professional.

    Platinum Roofing knows how to get the job done right so your roof will need to be cleaned less frequently. We offer a free preliminary roof inspection. This allows us to identify cracks, leaks and other issues potentially damaging your roof. We will fix any problems we find so your roof will stay strong and clean longer. Additionally, we do not just pressure wash your roof. Our roof cleaning treatments inhibit the growth of moss, algae, and lichens.


    Your Best Stop for Roof Cleaning

    If you think your roof needs to be cleaned, or if you’re not sure, NW Home Repairs can help! Our friendly and professional consultants will look at your roof and recommend only the services we know will benefit you and your roof. The team at Platinum Roofing prides itself on making the home improvement process as simple as possible. We offer free estimates and schedule an appointment with you to discuss your needs and desired outcome. Unlike other companies, we will inspect your property in person to ensure that we have a full scope of the work involved. After the inspection, we will prepare a written proposal that includes all options, then present it to you for approval.  Along with roof cleaning services, we also offer roof repair and replacement, as well as, gutter services. We guarantee quality and satisfaction with all the home improvement services we provide.