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Gutters Vancouver WA

Gutters do more than channel water away from your house. They can help reduce landscape erosion, prevent basement flooding, and minimize water staining. The average gutter funnels over 30,000 gallons of water per year away from your home, outlining the key role that gutters play in protecting your property. The home inspection professionals with Platinum Roofing outline some of the top reasons why gutters are so vital to your home’s maintenance:

  • Gutters help avoid costly problems with your home’s foundation
  • They help stabilize the soil around your home
  • Gutters help protect your landscaping and turf from erosion
  • They minimize sidewalk settling and cracking
  • Gutters help reduce water staining

Gutter Installation


Throughout the Pacific Northwest, there are a variety of gutter types installed on homes.   One thing they all have in common is that all of them will eventually need replacing.

Prior to replacing your gutters, you first want to be confident it really needs to be done. Homeowners are often misled by leaks or overflowing gutters into believing that they need to be replaced.  In contrast, if your gutters are rusted, heavily dented or there are associated issues such as rotten fascia boards behind the gutters, it may indeed be time to have them replaced.

Since maintaining a uniform, an aesthetically pleasing look is essential, we can provide you with replacement gutters that not only match the previous look and material but offer some enhancements.

Gutter Repair

There’s always the possibility of unpredictable gutter damage. For instance, a branch punching a hole in your gutter or a windstorm knocking down a portion of your gutter system. You’ll probably notice significant damage immediately, but keep your eye out for small cracks, holes, or breaks, too. Even a minor issue can turn into a larger (more expensive) problem if you’re not diligent.  Loose siding, mold on your siding and roof, and chipping paint can be a sign of a damaged gutter. If you notice these things, call Platinum Roofing to perform an inspection. Not all damage requires you to replace existing gutters. Sometimes you can patch up holes or replace small sections.

Gutter Guards

Gutter GuardsThe most common gutter problem is debris.  Leaves, branches, moss, ice, and dirt gets stuck in your gutter, clogging it up and preventing it from doing its job. While some accumulation in your gutter is normal, left untreated, these items can completely stop up your gutter, making it impossible for water to flow through. With nowhere to go, water will overflow and pool on your roof and near the foundation of your home. Overflow can cause numerous issues, including flooding. Debris accumulation can happen anytime during the year but is especially prevalent during late fall. If you notice water overflowing from your gutters or debris stacked up in your gutters, clear out the blockage as soon as possible. By installing gutter guards, you can avoid this problem. Gutter guards offer protection against clogs and keep your gutter working as it should.

Installation of gutter guards will limit the number of leaves, and other debris enters your gutters, leads to less frequent cleanings- saving you time and money.  Gutter guards can prevent overflowing due to blockages. Overflowing gutters can result in water entering the underside of your roof, inside your home, or stains on your siding.

Top-Rated Gutter Servicing

The team at Platinum Roofing prides itself on making the home improvement process as simple as possible. We offer free estimates and schedule an appointment with you to discuss your needs and desired outcome. Unlike other companies, we will inspect your property in person to ensure that we have a full scope of the work involved. After the inspection, we will prepare a written proposal that includes all options and present it to you for approval.  Along with gutter cleaning services, we also offer roof repair and replacement, as well as, roof cleaning services. We guarantee quality and satisfaction with all the home improvement services we provide.


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