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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement Costs?

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The roof is one of the most essential features of a home. It’s what protects you and your family from the elements and can even be a selling point for potential buyers. But what happens if it starts to leak or sustains damage? Will homeowners insurance cover its replacement costs? This blog post will tell you what you need to know about possible coverage for your roof repair.

What is homeowners insurance?

Home insurance is a policy that protects your home. It typically covers the building itself and items inside, such as furniture or electronics. You can get different types of insurance for what’s on your property too. For example, you might want to insure jewelry or other valuables in addition to covering damage to vehicles parked in your driveway.

What does homeowners insurance entail?

Home insurance typically covers:

  1. Damage to your home and its contents (e.g., a broken window or shattered dishwasher)
  2. Loss of use of the property while it is being repaired (this includes temporary housing costs if you need to stay somewhere else because your house has been damaged by fire, smoke, or water)
  3. Personal liability coverage, which protects you from lawsuits related to injuries on your property

How does homeowners insurance work?

The premium cost will vary depending on several factors, including age and location, type and amount of building coverage; deductible (the part your insurance company does not cover); and the insurer’s claims experience. If you have homeowners insurance, it is important to know how much your policy covers.

Will homeowners insurance replace my roof?

Yes, homeowners insurance covers the replacement cost of your roof. This includes labor and materials. Roof insurance does not typically cover extras such as shingles or tiles, so you should confirm what you want to be covered before beginning any roof repairs. However, you should note that the policy will only cover the replacement due to covered perils such as wind, fire, or storm-related issues. If you need a new roof as part of routine maintenance, this will not be covered by your insurance policy.

When is roof replacement cost not covered by insurance? roofing professionals vancouver wa

Homeowners’ insurance typically will not cover damages to your roof that result from neglecting maintenance. Some of the most common instances include:

Pest damage

Pests like squirrels and rats can significantly compromise the integrity of your roof. They gnaw and chew through the roofing structure and can cause irreversible damage if the problem is not addressed in time. Unfortunately, a roof insurance policy will not cover damage caused by pests. This is because pest damage is a gradual and prolonged process that is preventable with the proper home maintenance procedures.

Cosmetic damage

Home insurance will not cover purely cosmetic issues. If your roof needs repairs but looks fine from the ground, it may be a good idea to look into applying for an advance on your tax refund or asking family members if they can help you out with some extra cash. This is because this type of damage falls outside the scope of your insurance coverage.

Wear and tear

Your roof will not last forever. Even if you have a good roofing contractor who can maintain your home’s exterior, one day, the structure will inevitably need to be repaired or replaced altogether. If this happens as part of normal wear and tear for an older home, the insurance claim won’t cover these costs because they are considered routine maintenance. However, it is still a good idea to ask your insurance company before starting any repairs on the roof.

Ice dam damage

Ice dams form during the winter when the snow melts and then re-freezes on your roof. This can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home’s exterior if not arrested early enough. The bad news is that roof insurance coverage will typically not include ice dam damages because they are usually brought about by faulty roof installation or poor maintenance.

How do I get insurance companies to pay for my roof replacement?

You should be sure to get the roof replacement completed before you submit your roof insurance claim. This will mean that all of the necessary paperwork is in place and there are no delays with payment due to incomplete information. It also ensures that your insurer knows what they need to be reimbursing for since the documentation provides detailed breakdowns on materials, labor costs, and company fees.

How do I prevent roof damage?

Regular home maintenance like replacing worn shingles and sealing the roof will help prevent roof damage on your property. Roofs are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home as they are exposed to harsh weather conditions, but you must do what you can on your end to protect them. This includes regularly checking for roof leaks, loose shingles or tiles, and pest infestations. Remember to find a reputable roofing company for roof inspection; this will ensure that all the problems are identified before developing into something bigger.

Need a new roof?

Don’t wait until your home’s exterior is seriously compromised to get a new roof. At Platinum Roofing, we conduct all types of roof repairs in Vancouver, WA, to restore the integrity of your property. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your roof, give us a call anytime you can, and we’ll come to assess the roof damage.


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