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5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Done in Spring Instead of Summer

Posted on by Platinum Roofing
Spring is here again, which means that many homeowners in Vancouver, WA are preparing for some awesome spring projects – but have you thought of your roofing Vancouver, WA, as a spring project? Though it’s not a good time for roofing companies, spring is the best season to repair or replace your roof. In this article, you’ll learn top five reasons to get your roof done in spring instead of summer in Vancouver, WA. With no further ado, let’s dive in.Get Repairs Done FasterExtensive repair and roof replacements are commonly done during the hotter periods of the year. So, scheduling a repair or replacement service in early spring will give you an edge over other homeowners – less wait time. You won’t have to wait for other homeowners to get served before it gets to your turn. Efficient Roofing ProcessWhen you choose to repair or replace your roof in spring, you’ll be able to inspect the job without any problems thoroughly. However, in the summer, the entire roofing process can take a few weeks. You’ll have to battle with several paperwork. In spring, you’re likely to get thorough and faster updates on your project.Perfect Condition with Speedy InstallationWith the many problems that winter brings, spring is the ideal season to inspect and perform repairs on your roof while avoiding any damage to your property.Spring is a warmer and drier season, providing the ideal condition for roofing inspectors to check your roof and proffer the best solutions. From a reasonable standpoint, it’s perfect to hire a professional and insured roofing company in Vancouver, WA, who has the means to cover workplace accidents.It is essential to know that roofing repairs or replacement done during spring is always effective, sturdy, and lasting – and it will prevent any unwanted damage if those repairs require a roof replacement.Best TemperaturesSpring brings the best temperature for roof repairs and replacement. Winter isn’t ideal for roofing because the cold it brings isn’t suitable for asphalt shingles. On the other hand, hot summer weather installation can cause premature granule loss due to the installers walking on the roof and can result in early failure. Spring, being a great season, provides ideal temperatures of 50-80 for most of the country, making it the best time to call for roofing Vancouver, WA.Energy EfficiencyReplacing or repairing your roof during spring is an excellent investment to prepare your home for the blazing summer heat. When you buy roofing products certified by Energy Star, your roof can reduce your dependence on the air conditioner by 10 -15 percent.Also, hiring a professional to install a new roofing system helps improve ventilation. With better air circulation, you can reduce the buildup of heat in areas that are very hot in your home.ConclusionThese are five compelling reasons to replace your roof in spring instead of summer. If you need a professional roofing service in Vancouver, WA, call 360-558-2726 to schedule an appointment.


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